Feast your eyes on this mouth-watering selection! Thank you to all the bloggers who contributed this month. I hope you can have a browse and be inspired.
May's Sweet NZ will be hosted by Jemma from Time for a Little Something so please send her your next entry.
From April we have:

Vegan cape-pops by Alessandra Zecchini. Chocolate dipped Cape gooseberries then rolled in yummy nutty and sweet toppings.

Butterscotch cupcakes by Arfi at HomeMadeS. Gluten free with caramel sauce - now that's what I'm talkin' bout.

Sunny muffins by Shirleen at Sugar & Spice...and all things nice. Orange and honey make a beautiful bright hue.

Feijoa curd by Genie at Bunny Eats Design. A perfect way to preserve those excess feijoas dripping off their bushes. Sweet and tart - ideal for crumpets.

Scott's Farewell Square by Jemma at Time for a Little Something. Now this is interesting - a slice made for the farewell of Robert Scott's expedition to the Antarctic at a Dunedin church, as seen in Alexa Johnston's Ladies, A Plate. It includes Weetbix, walnuts, dates and coconut to sustain many a long journey.

Beetroot, prune, chocolate chia cake by Amy at On the Monkey Trail. A gluten-free superfood cake. What a great combination!

Slow-roasted quince with cinnamon and orange by Sue at Couscous & Consciousness. Have always wanted to try fresh quince - now's the season.

Boysenberry honey yoghurt cake by Alli at PeasePudding. Just can't go wrong with honey, yoghurt and ground almonds in a cake. Fresh or frozen berries work well.

Galliano tart by Alessandra Zecchini on her Only Recipes blog. Alessandra makes it looks so easy with sponge biscuits, shortcrust pastry and tasty Galliano liqueur.

Feijoa and lemon zest cordial by Alessandra Zecchini on her Vegan blog. Another great way to use up this special fruit.

Forgot to add these chocolate chunk oat cookies by Lydia at Grace Cakes. A good old-fashioned bite great for dunking.

And then there's my dark chocolate self-saucing pud from Bake Club. Always pays to use real chocolate and not just cocoa.

Happy baking everyone!