By Rachael
This cake is reminiscent of a Terry's Chocolate Orange! Rachael made this cake to celebrate becoming a NZ citizen so she added jaffas for a very apt decoration!

Unpeeled oranges to weight of 375g
6 eggs
1 heaped tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking powder
200g ground almonds
150g caster sugar
50g cocoa

Ganache - 200g dark chocolate & 200ml double cream

1.  Put whole oranges in cold water & boil with lid on for 2hrs or until soft. Drain & when cool, quarter & remove pips.
2.  Add oranges, peel & all, to processor with eggs, bicarb, baking powder, almonds, sugar & cocoa.  Process until you have a cake mixture.
3.  Pour mixture into a 20cm springform tin (lined & greased).  Bake in a 180 degree C oven for 35 mins (fan oven - 45 mins if not).  Check after 30 mins & cover with foil if top is burning.
4.  The cake will not rise much, & is cooked when the middle is springy to touch.  When cooked, remove from oven & allow to cool in tin.
5.  To make ganache:  heat cream in a saucepan until hot.  Remove from heat & add chocolate, whisk until glossy.  Allow to cool completely.  Apply to cold cake with a palette knife, dip knife into warm water for smooth finish.