This mousse couldn't be easier: melt the chocolate, whisk the aquafaba and mix; refrigerate then tszuj it up with toppings. Strangely, my husband is averse to chocolate and orange together. I found this out when I got him a classic Terry's Chocolate Orange for Xmas. The look of disappointment on his face when he opened the wrapping! Followed by the joy on mine when I realised I could eat the whole thing myself! So now it's a running joke when I make chocolate-orangey things.

100g chilled water

zest and juice of 1 orange 

200g dark chocolate at least 70% cocoa solids (I use Whittaker's)

aquafaba from can of drained chickpeas (or 2 egg whites)

fresh or frozen berries

sliced almonds or desiccated coconut, toasted

Put water, juice and zest in a bowl and place over a small saucepan filled with about 300ml water and bring water to a gentle simmer. Break in chocolate and whisk until fully melted and glossy. Take off the heat.

In a large bowl, using an electric beater, whisk the aquafaba until thick and foamy. Pour into the chocolate mixture and fold in until fully combined. Transfer evenly into 4 or 6 ramekins, cups or glasses and refrigerate for at least an hour.

Decorate and serve.