By Frances

I've been making 'healthy' cookies for my 15-month-old so I can freeze them and have them on hand. This is another great sugar-free, gluten-free recipe by Dr Libby.

24ml coconut oil
1/4 c honey
juice and zest of a lime
1 c almond meal
12 c spelt flour (or any flour)
1/2 c dessicated coconut
2 tsp baking powder

Heat oven to 180C. Gently melt oil, honey and lime juice in a saucepan. Place all dry ingreds and lime zest in a bowl and mix well. Heap tablespoons onto a lined baking tray and bake for 8-10 mins. Dr Libby didn't press hers down so they were like little pyramids. I like to flatten mine a little so they're easier for my daughter to eat. You could make them really flat and they'd be like crispy snaps.