OK, I'm branching out here on Bake Club by including something not baked at all! I am embracing raw food much more these days - we try for 50% raw in most main meals. I've been to some great raw/superfood talks and learnt a bit about the importance of enzymes in raw food and fermented foods. So here are some supereasy Vietnamese-style rice rolls. I had them once at my friend Lizzie's dinner party - she laid out all the fillings and we just made them up ourselves. I brought along some ajo blanco soup (a white gazpacho soup made with almonds and garlic and peeled grapes - also rawish) - all in all a very healthy dinner. Next time I make ajo blanco I will post it.

spring roll rice paper wrappers
thinly sliced vegetables - I used cucumber, carrot, asparagus, fried tofu, sprouts, karengo
rice vermicelli
tamarind sauce
tamari or chilli sauce to serve

Put 1/4 c water in a shallow plate. Place a wrapper in the water for a few seconds until it absorbs the water and is able to be rolled. Place on a clean surface and add your fillings leaving space on the outside. Roll up like a parcel and the spring roll should stick together.

I bought the wrappers and tamarind sauce from an Asian supermarket.