"Sweet snails" in Italian, these little buns are rather cute. I added apricots to mine but plain ones are just as nice.

Makes 16

14g dried yeast

75ml milk, warmed

1 egg

2 tbsp vegetable oil

230g flour

1/2 tsp salt

25g caster sugar

1/3 c chopped dried fruit (optional)

25g butter, melted

icing sugar for dusting

Warm the milk in a cup and mix in yeast. Leave to froth up.

Lightly beat egg and oil in a small bowl. Mix flour, salt and sugar in a large bowl. Pour milk mixture and egg mixture into the dry ingredients and mix with a spoon or your hands until the dough comes together. Turn out onto a clean surface and knead for 10 minutes until smooth and elastic.

Oil the bowl, place dough inside and cover with a tea towel. Leave to rise until doubled in size, at least an hour.

Grease 2 baking trays. Place melted butter in a shallow dish. Punch down dough and divide into 16 equal pieces. Roll out each one to about 35 cm long, dip in butter and roll into a scroll on your baking tray. Leave about 10cm space between each roll. Cover with cling film and place in a warm spot for at least 45 min.

Preheat oven to 180C. Brush the buns with water and dust with icing sugar. Bake one tray at a time for 10-12 min until cooked through and golden brown. Leave to cool on a wire rack. Dust with icing sugar to serve.