This is from the May Skywatch magazine - didn't know they had recipes! I have never made a cake with so many eggs - it turned out deliciously rich and intense and I used less sugar.


400g dark choc (I used Whittaker's Dark Ghana)

360g unsalted butter

360g caster sugar (I used under 350g)

6 heaped Tbs plain flour (could easily be gluten free)

pinch cinnamon or cardamom, optional (I used about 1 tsp of each)

6 eggs

icing sugar


Preheat oven to 200C. Melt chocolate, butter and sugar in a double boiler over a gentle heat, stirring often until the mixture is smooth then remove from heat. Add flour and stir. Add eggs one at a time, beating with whisk or electric beater. Pour into line 20cm sq tin. Bake for 15 mins then turn oven down to 150C, bake for further 40 mins. Turn off oven, leave door closed and allow cake to slowly cool. Turn cake out, lay spoons across the top and dust with icing sugar.

If you slightly undercook the cake it will set like fudge in the fridge.

Walnuts or other nuts, prunes, cranberries would also work well in this cake if you want a less intense bite, a more brownie-type cake. But it's great as a mighty chocolate hit, or with yoghurt.