This is from The Great New Zealand Cookbook (PQ Blackwell, 2014) – a fantastic collection of favourite recipes from NZ chefs. I was inspired by the very first recipe by Tui Flower. This is her raisin loaf but I added bran and substituted ¾ c sugar with ½ c rice syrup. With the raisins it was well sweet enough for us.

1 c milk
½ c rice malt syrup
2 Tbs golden syrup
2 c flour
1 c bran
3 tsp baking powder
pinch salt
1 c raisins (I used currants)
Preheat oven to 180C. Line and grease a loaf tin.
Heat the milk and syrups in a saucepan until melted. In a large bowl mix all the sifted dry ingredients. Make a well and pour in the milk mixture and mix gently. Lastly add in raisins. Pour into loaf tin and bake for 45 min – 1 hour until cooked through. Cool in tin for 15 min then turn out onto wired rack.
Slice, butter and enjoy with a cuppa.