This Cook Island loaf is really nice fresh with sweet or savoury toppings. Honey is my favourite. It also toasts well the day after.

1 c wholemeal flour
1 c white flour
100g desiccated coconut mixed
1 c hot water
2 tsp yeast
½ tsp sugar
½ c warm water
1 tsp salt
1 tsp tumeric

3 Tbs olive oil

Mix coconut and hot water. Blend yeast, sugar and warm water. When bubbly add other dry ingreds and oil and mix to a smooth and pliant dough, not sticky.

Cover and  rise until double the size.

Punch down and knead into a loaf or buns. Rise for another 20 mins. Score the top of your loaf with a knife to prevent it cracking during baking.

Bake at 200 C for 10 min then turn down to 180 C for 30 min.

Recipe from the Nov/Dec issie of OrganicNZ