Heeeeerrre it is ... the March roundup of delicious recipes for Sweet NZ. I hope you may find some inspiration from this eclectic collection. Click on the pic or link to read more.

First up are fudgy chocolate macaroons by Lesley at Eat, Etc - three words that go so well together. These are those classic macaroons with coconut.
Alessandra Zecchini has made homemade mascarpone with just milk, cream and citric acid - easy peasy!

We have two treats from Libby of Ditch the Carbs. Here are mocha custards and sugar-free macaroons. All her recipes are low carb, sugar-free and wheat-free. It's great to find alternatives to using these ingredients.

Mmmm, clean mango tarts by Amanda at Move Love Eat. These have a nutty coconut base as well. Her blog is fitness-related with healthy recipes and life-affirming posts.
Vanessa from The Bubbalino Kitchen has contributed cream cheese-filled ginger cookies - decadent! Vanessa also makes stylish bibwear for bubs.

A whole blog dedicated to apples  - yes! Jo from Seven Green Apples has given us apple caramel drop cookies using apple syrup. Check out Jo's recipes in the Gisborne Herald too.
Lucy Eats makes white chocolate rocky road with gummy bears. Would be ideal to make for Christmastime...but anytime of the year is good really!

Alessandra Zecchini has kindly given us another recipe: this is a raspberry agar agar jelly, which looks really easy to make using Fresh As raspberry powder.
Marnelli of Sweets & Brains has scrummy crunchy Highlander biscuits - like a chocolate chip cookie with a shortbread crumb. Marnelli and her sister Christienne are the 'brains' behind the sweets - two Filipinas living in Auckland.

Sue from Couscous & Consciousness has also contributed two recipes this month. Anything with 'double chocolate' in the title is a winner - here is her double chocolate raspberry brownie and a refreshingly fruity rose petal & prosecco punch.

Bridget from After Taste has shared some gooey goodness with a chocolate caramel oat cake, which could also be a thick, 'wholesome' slice.
I love to cook with pears, and these cakes look so pretty. They are by Mairi from Toast - pear cakes - perfect for a delightful autumnal afternoon tea.

Alice in Bakingland gives us a coffee meringue brownie. Well, I've never had a meringue-topped cake before - and why not? It's an Italian-style meringue too, apparently fluffier and tastier than the French version.
Lucy from The Kitchen Maid has made sticky buns - a Samoan/European melting pot - chocolate pani popo does look delicious. And there's a funny Ray McVinnie story on the post as well.

And finally, something from Bake Club - my niece Sophie made this flourless chocolate cake for my birthday. Our daughter Tui loved it!
Thanks for all your contributions. Send your April entry for Sweet New Zealand to Sweets & Brains.
Happy baking,