3-ingredient Christmas cake (GF)
almond & lemon cake (GF)
almond polenta cake (vegan, GF, DF)
apple cake
apple caramel drizzle cake
banana & chocolate chip loaf
banana & peanut butter cake with honey glaze
banana bread loaf
banana cake
banana cake with butterscotch icing
banana loaf (GF, DF, SF, vegan)
banana nut loaf
beetroot chocolate mud cake (raw)
berry cake
blueberry cake
butterfly cake
caramel almond-topped sponge (toscakaka)
carrot cake (Ginny)
carrot cake (Mama Chan)
carrot cake (Tricia)
carrot cake (raw)
carrot cake (vegan, DF, GF)
cherry cake (GF, SF)
chocolate & feijoa cake
chocolate apple cake
chocolate aquafaba sponge (vegan)
(everyday) chocolate cake (vegan)
(flourless) chocolate cake
chocolate cake with beetroot (Ginny)
chocolate beetroot cake (Frances)
chocolate beetroot cake v2
chocolate-coffee cake
chocolate ganache cake (vegan, GF, DF, SF)
chocolate hazelnut cake
chocolate marble cake
chocolate marmalade cake
chocolate olive oil cake
chocolate orange cake
chocolate orange cake (GF, DF)
chocolate orange ricotta tart
chocolate pear cake
chocolate red wine cake
chocolate rosewater cake
chocolate roulade
chocolate sponge (DF, GF, SF)
chocolate sour cream raspberry cake
chocolate truffle cake
coconut milk cake
coconut sponge (impossible pie)
conserve cake
courgette & apple cake
date loaf (gluten-free and vegan)
date and spice loaf
feijoa coconut cake (Ginny)
feijoa coconut loaf (Frances)
Fijian black forest gateau
Florentine cake
fruit cake
giant chocolate lamington cake
gingerbread w coconut icing (GF, SF, DF)
gourgere choux pastry
gluten-free, sugar-free cake
guava tart
hummingbird cake
kuchen borracho drunken cake
honey & pistachio semolina cake
honey oat loaf
impossible pie (coconut sponge)
Italian carrot cake
Italian ricotta torta (GF)
lemon & poppy seed loaf
lemon & almond cake (vegan, GF, SF)

lemon cake (Myles)
lemon cake (vegan)
lemon sour cake (Mama Chan)
lime loaf
mandarin cake (GF)
marble cake
marmalade cake
marzipan cake

milk chocolate cake
mocha cake (GF)
mohnkuchen (poppy seed cake)
never fail fudgey chocolate cake
olive oil cake
orange, almond & polenta cake (vegan, GF, DF< SF)
orange & almond cake
orange lightning cake
peach/nectarine cake
pear, almond & tahini cake
pear, ginger & date loaf (DF, SF)
pear pound cake (GF, SF)
pineapple upside down cake (GF)
pistachio cake (GF)
plum cake
polenta cake (Katrina)
polenta lemon cake (Ginny)
polenta rhubarb cake (Nicola)
raisin loaf
raspberry buttermilk cake
red velvet cake
rhubarb snacking cake
rosewater almond cake
soft treacle parkin
sponge cake (Mama Chan, see also, Chinese sponge cakes)
sponge cake (Alex M)
sponge cake (Frances)
spruced-up vanilla cake
sticky prune cake
streusel cake
tamarillo, pear and spice cake
treasure chest cake
upside-down caramelised banana cake
vanilla birthday cake
volcano cake
yoghurt and goldenberry cake
Yorkshire curd tart

3-minute microwave chocolate cake
almond cupcakes
apple banana pear hazelnut muffins
bakewell tarts (vegan, Df, GF, SF)
banana bran blueberry muffins
banana chocolate chip muffins
basil lemon macarons
basil lime macarons
blueberry muffins with crunchy crumb
brilliant breakfast muffins
butterfly cakes
carrot cupcakes
Chinese sponge cakes
chocolate, cranberry & honey muffins
chocolate lamington cupcakes
chocolate macaroons
chocolate muffins (sugar free)
chocolate & strawberry bran muffins (SF)
chocolate walnut balls
chocolate vegan berry tofu cakes
cinnamon oysters
coconut & lemon cupcakes
coconut macaroons (Ginny)
coconut macaroons (Mama Chan)
courgette chocolate brownies
cream puffs/eclairs
cupcakes (vegan)
custard tarts
date bran muffins
double chocolate banana muffins (vegan)
double chocolate zucchini muffins (vegan, DF, GF, SF)
doughnuts with salted caramel
Eccles cake
espresso banana muffins
espresso pecan cupcakes
feijoa lime muffins
ginger apple muffins
gingerbread (Moosewood)
granola muffins
grapefruit curd fairy cakes
jaffa cakes (vegan, GF, DF, SF)
jaffa cupcakes and orange sauce
jumble muffins
lavender cupcakes
lemon sour cream muffins
lemon strawberry cupcakes

lemon tarts with chocolate crust
macaroons (Frances)
macaroons (Mama Chan)
oaty muffins
one-pot chocolate cupcakes
orange coconut chocolate muffins
orange poppy seed muffins
passionfruit yoghurt syrup cupcakes
peach crumble muffins
peanut butter muffins (vegan)
plum muffins
portuguese tarts
pumpkin & chocolate chip muffins
pumpkin spice muffins
pumpkin whoopie pies
quick mini muffins
rainbow cupcakes
raspberry macaroons
raspberry rose macarons (vegan, DF, GF)
raspberry yoghurt muffins
rhubarb ginger muffins
shortcrust pastries
scones (Gran's Table)
soda bread 'biscuits'

strawberry muffins
tamarind, date and sour cherry muffins

turmeric blueberry muffins
vanilla cupcakes (GF, DF)
wholemeal scones

afghans (DF, GF, vegan)
afghans (raw, vegan, DF, GF, SF)
almond butter cookies
apple cinnamon crackers (raw, vegan, GF, SF)
apricot and chocolate chip cookies
amaretti morbidi
Anzac biscuits
Anzac biscuits (vegan)
Anzac biscuits (vegan, GF, SF, DF)
banana and chocolate chip cookies
Belgian biscuits
berry pinwheel cookies (vegan, GF, DF)
bran biscuits
breakfast cookies
brutti ma buoni
cacao nib & lime cookies
caraway crisps
cardamom cashew shortbread
cardamom cashew shortbread (gluten free)
cashew coconut cookies (raw, vegan, GF)
chocolate & almond butter cookies (GF, vegan)
chocolate & almond cookies
chocolate apricot cookies
chocolate & pistachio biscotti
chocolate biscotti
chocolate chip cookies (GF, DF, SF)
chocolate chip cookies (Carly)
chocolate chip cookies (gluten free packet)
chocolate chip cookies (Tash)
chocolate chip and spice orange cookies (Frances)
choc chip cookies, nutty
chocolate chunk cookies (vegan, GF, DF)
chocolate crinkles
chocolate fudge sandwiches
chocolate things (DF)
chocolate tuiles
cinnamon hearts
coconut lime cookies (gluten-free)
coconut almond macaroons with aquafaba1 (GF, DF, vegan)
coconut almond macaroons w aquafaba2 (GF, SF, DF, vegan)
coconut oatmeal cookies
coconut shortbread
coffee snaps
cranberry pistachio biscotti (GF, DF)
digestives (lil ones)
digestives (vegan, GF, DF)
double chocolate chip cookies (sugar and gluten free)
double chocolate chip cookies (GF, DF, SF)
double chocolate peanut butter honey cookies
easy peasy sugar-free cookies
fig, chocolate, chia, almond biscotti (GF)
forgotten cookies (DF, GF)
ginger & pistachio cookies (vegan, DF, GF)
ginger biscuits, chocolate dipped
gingerbread cookies for Xmas
gingernuts (vegan, DF, GF)
gingersnaps (GF, DF)
gingery cookies

gluten-free shortbread
graham crackers (vegan, GF, DF, SF)
hazelnut carrot cookies (vegan, GF, DF, SF)
Italian jam drops
lace biscuits
lemon polenta cookies
lemon sugar cookies (GF)
lime feijoa shortbread
lime shortbread (sugar free)
melting moments aka yo yos
melting moments (gluten free)
mocha shortbread
molasses spice cookies
ninjabread men
nut butter cookies
oat biscuits with chocolate
oatmeal raisin cookies (GF, SF, DF, vegan)
orange & apricot cookies (vegan)
orange & cardamom shortbread
orange and lemon shortbread
peanut butter cookies
peanut butter cookies (SF)
Persian rice cookies
pumpkin and chocolate chip cookies

rocketship cookie tower
sesame honey kisses
Shrewsbury biscuits (GF)
Shrewsbury biscuits (GF, SF, DF, vegan)
s'mores cookies (GF)
speculaas cookies
spelt and rye spiced biscuits
spiced biscuits
super spread cookies
triple chocolate cookies
walnut biscotti
walnut jam drops
Wookie cookies

apple & prune slice
apricot shortbread
apricot shortcake
black bean brownie (GF, DF)
black bean brownie 2 (vegan, DF, GF, SF)
black bean brownie 3 (GF, SF, DF)
Brooklyn brownie
caramel slice (Sarah M)
caramel slice (raw - Frances)
caramel slice (raw - another one)
caramel slice (raw - no. 3)
chocolate beetroot brownie (GF, DF)
chocolate brownie (GF, DF - Nicola)
chocolate brownie (GF, DF -  Frances)
chocolate brownie (GF)
chocolate brownie, flourless (GF, SF)
chocolate brownie (raw, vegan)
chocolate cherry louise cake
chocolate crunch (vegan)
chocolate prune slice (raw, DF, GF, vegan)
chocolate, pumpkin walnut brownie (GF, SF)
chocolate raspberry slice (raw)
chocolate slice
choconut slice
cocoa almond granola bars
cranberry and chocolate fudge slice
crunchy chocolate buckwheat bars
ginger cashew slice (raw)
ginger chew
ginger crunch (Mama Chan)
ginger crunch (Ginny)
ginger crunch (Frances)
ginger crunch (Barbara)
ginger crunch (vegan, DF, GF, SF)
ginger slice (raw)
granola bars (vegan, DF, GF, SF)
lavender bars
lunchbox slice (vegan, DF, Gf, SF)
magic bars
marshmallow fridge slice
miso walnut brownies
muesli bars
muesli bars, seeds only (no-bake)
muesli bars (vegan, GF, SF)
muesli bars, apricot almond 
nut meringue slice
oaty bars
orange spice bars
peppermint slice (raw)
plum & cardamom shortcake
pink peppercorn & black salt brownie
prune chocolate slice 
(raw, DF, GF, vegan)
puffed millet bars (raw, vegan, DF, GF, SF)
puffed rice crispie bars (raw, vegan, DF, GF, SF)
pumpkin spice granola bars
six-layer slice
sticky lemon slice
sweet potato brownies with chickpea cookie dough

apple crisps (raw)
apple spice granola
apricot & chocolate slice (raw, vegan, DF, GF)
apricot bites (raw, vegan, SF, DF, GF)
apricot caramels (raw, vegan, GF)
bounty bars (raw, vegan, GF)
bounty bars with raspberry (raw, vegan, GF, SF)
brown sugar rosemary nuts

caramel almond popcorn

caramels, chocolate-covered (raw, vegan, GF, DF, SF)
chocolate & strawberry chia jam cups (SF, DF, GF, vegan)
chocolate bliss balls (SF, DF, GF, vegan)
chocolate chip cookie dough bliss balls (SF, DF, GF, vegan)
chocolate & vanilla bliss balls
chocolate bliss bites
chocolate brownie chews (raw, vegan, SF, DF, GF)
chocolate buckwheat crackle bars
chocolate fudge (raw)
chocolate fudge2 (raw, vegan, GF, DF, SF)
chocolate hearts (raw, vegan, GF, DF, SF)
chocolate macaroons
chocolate mendiants
easy chocolate mendiants
milk chocolates (DF, SF, GF, vegan)
chocolate walnut fudge
coconut milk caramels (vegan)
craisin & pistachio nougat
easy raw bliss balls
fruit jellies (vegan, GF, SF)
fruit straps
Halloween ghost pretzels
Halloween healthy snacks
hazelnut chocolate fudge bars (vegan, raw, SF)
homemade chocolates
kale and fig greenola
kumara sesame balls
marshmallows (vegetarian)
marshmallows (vegan)
meringue Xmas wreaths
mini lamingtons (raw, vegan, Gf, Df, SF)
mint bites (raw, vegan, GF, Df, SF)
nut brittle (vegan, GF, DF, SF)
raw chocolate
salted 'caramel' popcorn
snickers bars (raw, vegan, GF)
snickers bars/Mars bars (raw, vegan, GF)
snicky bars (vegan)
strawberry bliss balls (SF, DF, GF, vegan)
sweet & savoury popcorn
super fudge
toffees (SF, GF, DF, vegan)
white chocolate Christmas bars (SF, DF, GF, vegan)


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